Commercial Law

Adrian F Guido & Co Lawyers has been advising businesses on commercial law for many years. The Firm is regularly involved in such areas as:

  • Business Structures including partnerships, companies and trusts
  • Sale and purchase of businesses including Franchises
  • All aspects of Commercial Leasing

We provide legal assistance in drafting and negotiating a wide range of commercial contracts such as agency, supply, distribution, transportation agreements. Generally all the contracts necessary for the development of commercial operations in Australia, Italy and China.


Company Law

One of the main tasks is to offer legal advice and assistance in the selection, establishment and management of corporate entities and commercial enterprises. We assist clients in all corporate organization and restructuring.



This firm has over many years accumulated a great deal of experience in dealing with all forms of leasing especially leases that come under the Retail Leases Act 1994 and commercial leases.

For owners of commercial premises including offices and factories, this Firm can arrange the appropriate Lease documents together with providing security in all aspects to ensure that the property leased by you is protected from the various contingencies that the business world has to offer.


Litigation and Arbitration

We are able to promote and foster specialised legal assistance in resolving complex business/commercial disputes in areas pertaining to civil, criminal, administrative, bankruptcy, commercial, workplace and family litigation. Legal representation in all relevant Courts and Tribunals is also available.


Investment Advice

For those clients interested in organizing, creating and commencing a commercial/business entity, we offer appropriate analysis of the proposed investment as well as providing assistance on the most appropriate business strategies to be adopted. We can assist in the procurement of the relevant legislative Permits, Authorisations, Licences and ancillary documentation needed to promote and support the particular form of investment desired by the client.

In addition, we are able to provide the necessary resources so as to enable a due diligence analysis of the proposed investment.