Konosko Group - Legal advice, accounting and investment services

KONOSKO GROUP is an international group with headquarters in Shanghai, which operates in the field of legal advice, accounting and investment services. The group has been operating in the People’s Republic of China since 1995, thanks to the professionalism and expertise of its professionals, manifesting a flexible and efficient structure contributing to the Group becoming one of the major players in the sector.

KONOSKO Group and Adrian F. Guido & Co Lawyers provides legal advice in the following areas of expertise:

  • Civil Law, including Family Law, Succession Law and Testamentary Litigation, Powers of Attorney, Personal Injury, and Labour Law
    The Firms provide legal advice and support to their client’s specific needs in civil, contractual, corporate, commercial and fiscal aspects in which client investment and activity is to be generated, be it in Australia, Italy and/or China. The areas of practice are: family law, succession law and testament, power of attorney, claims and personal injury, employment law, real estate law and tax, commercial and corporate law (contracts), civil and commercial litigation and arbitration and investment advice.
  • Real Estate Law, including Conveyancing and Property Law
    We provide a consultancy service to those clients seeking to enter the Real Estate market. Our professional assistance covers a multiplicity of tasks, not the least being analysis of all forms of Contracts of Sale and Purchase. We also cover and provide assistance with both Commercial and Residential Leasing Agreements.
  • Corporate and Commercial, including Commercial Law, Company Law, Litigation and Arbitration, and Investment Advice.
    Generally all the contracts necessary for the development of commercial operations in Australia, Italy and China. In addition, we are able to provide the necessary resources so as to enable a due diligence analysis of the proposed investment.

The Group is also based in Italy and China, which services the local Italian Community as well as having the benefit of external collaborators for the International Market.

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